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Komputer Konsultants is a Consulting Business Specializing in Networks, Stand alone (Business & Home) computers, and access to the internet.

We are Computer Repairmen - We come to you!

Novell Networks

I am a System Administrator for several Novell Networks.
If you are unfamiliar with networking, it basically means "large hard drive" connecting several or even many computers together to share data, programs or other information. Network Computer Logo I have a Network installed with many terminals in my office and laptops. I have the ability to connect to my network from any place that has phone access. We have installed systems in Credit Unions, Banks, Accountants' Offices and many government offices. We have been networking computers since 1990 using Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95/98/2000, Novell, Windows NT.

Home Computers

Our specialty is upgrading your existing Personal Computer. We do sell complete systems. However, we may save you money if we can upgrade your existing system. Since I am based from a small community, I service many home or stand alone computers in SouthWest Washington. Generally, I will install, troubleshoot or consult on any computer in about 100 mile radius.

Computer Options

I can install any component on any IBM Compatible Computer.
For those that have proprietary computers such as: Leading Edge, Packard Bell, Magnavox, etc. I can work on these proprietary computers also, however, parts are not always available for them to be upgraded.

We commonly add and/or upgrade the following!

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